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Pitt Drift 2022

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Welcome to Pitt Drift!!

May 14th - 22nd, 2022

pittsburgh to d.c.

Pitt Drift will ride the GAP and C&O trails from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. this May while advocating for and building affordable housing along the way.

If you're an enrolled participant, welcome, we're thrilled to have you! If you're here to donate, please know that this trip is using a collective fundraising model. The Pitt Drift Team as a whole is working towards raising $25,000. Each participant is encouraged to fundraise within their means, whether above or below the recommended goal of $750 per person.

We ask that you make sure to designate which participant you are supporting during the donation process so we can make sure each rider gets a list of folks who donated so they can thank you!

Want to apply?? Click here!

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Andres Gutierrez    -    Greg Powell    -  Nicole Ragab   -    Natalie Siedhof    -    Anna Gilbert    -     Jess Zarik     -      Katrina Jiamachello    -     Nora Lakes    -    Walt Drennan    -   Pawel Maslag     -   Wayne LeVine    -   George Bentley     -    Jessica Schottanes     -    Jaclyn Burke    -    Rosa Bangura    -     Frieda Pan     -    Jess Richmond     -   Alyssa Chrisman      -    Eric Baumann    -    Charlotte Coughlin    -    Ash Wood    -    Dave Boudreau   -   Brandon Lee    -    Dan Snyder    - Ishan Saran    -    Angeline Zeng    -    Jaden Luscher   -    Lauren Benoit    -   Phi Dittmann

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